Learning just became easy.


Gradually is the first app that helps you build and sustain the habit of practicing or learning, without quitting.


We believe in starting small
and achieve big.

Beat procrastination.

Gradually makes this easy. Simply open the app, create a new "Activity," and press "Start." Just like that, you have overcome one of the biggest obstacles to your success, getting started

Do it Gradually.

Gradually sets you up for sustainable success by setting small, realistic achievable goals. You get introduced to the new activity slowly, which helps you stay with it. You'll also get reminders to stay on course, and tips for optimized learning.

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Small victories over time.

Gradually helps you stick to your goals over time. By seeing your accomplishments build up, you can keep your momentum going, no matter how full your calendar gets.

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Focus vs Multitasking.

Being focused one one thing for a certain period allows you to do a better quality of work, more work gets done quicker, and your creative ideas flow easier. Being focused on one task at a time is less stressful on your mind. And being less stressed allows you to be happier.


Compounding knowledge over time.

You can achieve big things with small actions over time, knowledge and practice adds up. The first day you will start investing 15 minutes, then the next day 15 min again, then after one week 15 minutes feels short and you jump to 20 and 25 after that. Over time, your accomplishments add up to form an impressive feat.

Why Gradually is for you?.

The more knowledge or practice you have, the more problems you can solve. And there are numerous problems waiting for anyone trying to achieve a worthy goal. This is why it’s so important to always be learning. If you want to achieve the life you’ve always wanted, you’ll need to learn far more than you know now.  The right mindset helps but is not everything. Learning requires time and patience.

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